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Germany Says Ready to Provide Iraqi Kurds with Weapons “Zionist Entity Convinced Talks Are Only Solution for Gaza Deadlock” Ansarullah Rejects G10 Message: Do Not Support Corrupt Arabi Seeks Permanent Truce in Gaza, Accuses ’Israel’ of Blocking Solution German Minister: Qatar Funds ISIL in Iraq Dozens of US F-16D Fighter Jets Removed from Duty Abbas Due in Doha to Meet Emir, Hamas Leader Liberia Fights Ebola, Imposes Night Curfew in Capital Turkey’s Gul Says Davutoglu Likely to Be New PM Hollande Warns against ISIL Threat: “The Most Serious since 2001” India Calls off Diplomatic Talks with Pakistan over Kashmir ISIL’s “Message to America”: We’ve Beheaded Journalist, US Strikes Aggression Kurdish Ministers Rejoin Iraqi Government Pakistani Lawmakers Meet As Protesters Urged Blockade Al-Qassam Brigades: Truce Breach Opened Gates of Hell on Israel
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12:31 | 2014/08/20Israeli War on Gaza
14:08Haaretz: more than 100 rockets launched at Israel since Tuesday night
14:07Palestinian Health ministry: 19 martyrs, more than 120 injured since the breakdown of Gaza truce
12:55Wife, daughter of Qassam leader killed in Israeli attack
12:32War on Gaza resumes with deadly Israeli strikes, 10 killed
11:18 | 2014/06/08World Latest
15:54Arrests as soldiers, police deploy to curb Thai anti-coup flashmobs
12:22Rescuers battle to aid Afghan flood victims as toll hits 74
12:21Freed Taliban militants say committed to Qatar deal
11:19Sisi sworn in as Egypt's president
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