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Sayyed Nasrallah Salutes Yemen Steadfastness: Time to Tell Saudi Enough! 22 Days of Saudi Aggression on Yemen: 2500 Martyrs, 4000 Wounded Al Saud Destroyed Mausoleums of Prophetís Companions in 1926 Syrian Army Kills More Militants in Various Areas Turkish Airlines Plane Turns back after False Bomb Alert Israeli Occupation Army Fails to Capture Lebanese Shepherd near Border Iraqi Security Forces Kill Former Vice President Izzat Al-Douri in Salahuddin Oil Market Slides before Weekend NYT: US Reaper & Predator Drones Fly over Yemen Egyptís Sisi: No Ground Troops Deployed in Yemen President Assad: Terrorism Has No Borders, Will ďBiteĒ its Backers US Military Trainers in Ukraine may Destabilize Situation: Kremlin Saudi ďMartyrĒ Required for One Million Riyals Pope to Visit Cuba in September 300 US Troops in Ukraine to Train Kiev Forces
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