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2 Israelis Stabbed in Fight with Palestinians in East Jerusalem Zarif Ends Talks with EU3, Starts Bilateral Negotiations with Hammond Russia, Saudi Arabia against ‘Politicized’ Oil Prices: Lavrov US Escalates its Failed Strategy in Syria Bahraini Regime Troops Suppress Mass anti-Elections Demonstration in Diraz Jordan Arrests Brotherhood Deputy for Criticizing UAE Qahwaji: War against Terrorists to Persist till Victory Six ISIL Terrorists Killed Eastern Ramadi Qaeda to Yemen’s Houthis: You Are Our Target ’Israel’ Announces Frustrating Hamas Plot to Assassinate Lieberman in West Bank Russia Warns US against Supplying ‘Lethal Defensive Aid’ to Ukraine Abdullah Gul: Turkey under Erdogan Doomed to Fail Bahrain Regime: We Won’t Paralyze Country in Order to Reach Deal with Opposition Meetings on Iran’s Nuclear Program Continue as Deadline May be Extended Japan Lower House Dissolved ahead of Election
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Run-overs, Stabbing operations against Israeli soldiers and settlers:
Frightens Zionists and deter occupation
Has Relative effect in favor of the Palestinians
US officials’ repeated statements about increased support for the Lebanese army:
Contradicted by US policies
Reflects true intentions
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Qahwaji: War against Terrorists to Persist till Victory
Salam Marking Independence Touts Election of President
Berri Underlines National Unity, Army, Resistance in Protecting Lebanon
UAE to Appoint Ambassador to Lebanon after Salam’s Visit
Sayyed Nasrallah Receives Lebanese Minister of Defense, Visits Sheikh Najafi
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