Al-Manar TV Lebanon Al-Manar TV Lebanon Mass Rally Held in Dammam to Condemn Blast at Imam Hussein (AS) Mosque The eastern Saudi city of al-Dammam witnessed on Friday a mass rally held by its locals to condemn the criminal explosion which was carried out by takfiri terrorists at Imam Hussein’s (AS) mosque. US Drops Cuba from "Terror Blacklist" in Landmark Move The United States dropped Cuba from its blacklist as a "state sponsor of terrorism" on Friday, in a landmark move aimed at paving the way towards normalizing ties frozen for half a century. Russia Issues Blacklist, Bars EU Politicians Moscow has issued a blacklist of European Union politicians barred from Russia in response to EU sanctions over Crimea and Ukraine, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Friday. Yemeni Army & Popular Committees Bombard Saudi Najran Airport, Border Sites The Yemeni army and the popular committees launched 50 rockets onto KSA’s Najran airport and bombarded the Saudi military sites on border. Dehqan: ISIL Unable to Threaten Iranian Borders Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hussein Dehqan downplayed the possibility of ISIL’s threat to Iran, but said Tehran would give a crushing response to any kind of threat posed to the country. Zionist Media: ISIL "Last Barrier" to Protect ’Israel’ from Nuclear Iran The Zionist media outlets considered that the terrorist group of ISIL is the last barrier which protects the Zionist entity as well as some Arab countries from Iran and the axis of resistance. Iraq’s Parliament Voted to Sack Governor of Nineveh The Iraqi House of Representatives voted to sack the governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi by vote of 169 deputies. Iran Security Forces Dismantle ISIL-Linked Cells Iranian Intelligence Minister Sayyed Mahmoud Alavi said that the security forces managed to dismantle several cells which are linked to the terrorist group of ISIL, arresting all their members and seizing all their weapons Irrefutable Documents Prove Support of US Intelligence Agencies for Terrorism A US judicial organization unfolded on Thursday classified documents of the American State and Defense Departments Images, Video Prove Turkey Sending Arms to Syria Militants A Turkish daily published on Friday images and video footage showing trucks belonging to Turkey’s state intelligence service carrying weapons en route to terrorist militants in Syria. Suicide Attack Outside Imam Hussein Mosque in Saudi’s Dammam A terrorist attack struck Saudi Arabia’s Eastern city of Dammam after a suicide bomber tried to enter Imam Hussein (AS) Mosque, witnesses said, the second attack of its kind in a week Lebanese Army Enters Arsal amidst Welcome from Residents The Lebanese Army’s 8th Brigade on Thursday deployed heavily in the northeastern border town of Arsal and set checkpoints therein amidst welcome from the residents Footage of War Prizes Seized by Yemeni Army, Popular Committees in Saudi’s Jizan The video below shows prizes of war seized by the Yemeni army and Popular Committees following clashes with Saudi soldiers in Tihama, the area which lies in the border region of Jizan. 12 Australian Women Have Tried to Join ISIL: Police At least 12 Australian women from one city have attempted to join the Takfiri group, ISIL, police said Friday, warning of a trend towards a "romanticized view" of violent Takfiris. Car Bombs at Baghdad Hotels Kill, Injure Dozens Car Bombs ripped through the car parks of two upscale Baghdad hotels late on Thursday, killing at least nine people, and injured dozens others. Syrian Army Units Evacuate Positions in Ariha, Deploy in Defensive Lines Syrian Army units evacuated their positions in Ariha city in the countryside of Idleb province and withdrew to defensive lines on the outskirts of the city after fierce battles with large numbers of Al-Nusra front terrorists US Cops Throw Pregnant Black Woman to Ground: Video A video has emerged, showing two US police officers forcing a pregnant black woman to the ground in California. WHO: Death Toll in Yemen Climbs over 2,000 The World Health Organization (WHO), which compiles figures on casualties in Yemen, said Thursday its latest figures show that 1,942 people had been killed between March 19 and May 22 due to the Saudi-US aggression. Over 32 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Iraqi Army Operations in Samarra The Iraqi Army raided ISIL’s positions in Samarra, in Salahuddin province, which resulted in the killing of at least 32 fighters, the Iraqi Defense Ministry announced. Three Wounded as UN Convoy Triggers Landmines in Mali Three United Nations troops were wounded on Thursday when a convoy including the head of peacekeeping in Mali triggered landmines in the country’s restive north, sources within the force said. Loyalty to Resistance: Confronting Terrorists in Arsal Barrens "National Duty" "Loyalty to the Resistance" bloc categorically underlined that countering the threat of terrorist groups, which are based in Arsal, is a national duty for everyone, saying any failure to address this matter is intolerable. Yemeni Army & Popular Committees Advance, Saudi Commits More Massacres The Yemeni army, backed by the Popular committees, advanced in Maareb province, reaching the central hospital. UN Envoy Recommends Blacklisting ’Israel’ as ISIL & Boko Haram The UN envoy to the areas of disputes, the Algerian Leila Zerrougui, recommended blacklisting the Zionist entity for the massacres which the Israeli army committed against the children in Gaza during the recent year. Spain Judge Opens Terrorism Case against Boko Haram A Spanish High Court judge said Thursday he has agreed to hear a lawsuit against Nigerian militant group Boko Haram and its leader Abubakar Shekau for crimes against humanity and terrorism. Iran Warns against ’Excessive Demands’ in Nuclear Talks Iran on Thursday warned global powers against making "excessive demands" in talks aimed at sealing a ground-breaking nuclear deal, after France demanded access to its military installations.