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Pentagon Scaling back Training Program of Syria Rebels Germany, Spain Urge US, Russia to Cooperate on Syria Yemeni Army, PC Fight off Major Crawl of Attacking Forces toward Bab al-Mandeb Commander of Iran Revolutionary Guards Martyred in Syria’s Aleppo Moscow Refutes US Claims on Russian Missiles Targeting ISIL Landed in Iran Syrian Refugees in Canada Face Resettlement Delays, PM Denies UN Aid Chief Urges Probe on Saudi Bombing of Yemen Wedding Libya Agrees New National Unity Government Sayyed Nasrallah: Saudi Will Be Dealt Severe Blow in Yemen Arab League Chief Condemns Racist Israeli Practices General Security Arrests Syrian al-Nusra Front Suspect Pro-Kurdish Party Hopeful of PKK Ceasefire as Turkish Election Nears Afghan Agents Shoot Two would-be Suicide Bombers in Kabul Wide-scale Op. in Syria: 27 Targets Hit in Homs, Hama, Raqa Several Detained, Wounded in Beirut Protest Clash
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Do you agree that pilgrimage should be put under the supervision of several Muslim Countries?
How do you categorize the Saudi attitude towards Mina tragedy, especially after they held pilgrims responsible for their deaths?
Full of disdain and arrogance
Dodging responsibility
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