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Lebanese Army: Terrorists kidnapped Adjutant Hujairi in Arsal Moscow Hails Ukraine’s Offer of self-Rule for East 13 Dead in Shooting, Blast in Nigeria’s Kano Pakistan: Army Air Strikes Kill 40 Militants in Northwest Libya Extremists Launch New Assault on Benghazi Airport Attacks in Damascus, Hama, Homs Leave 3 Killed, 23 Injured Jumblatt Receives Aoun, Warns against Lebanon’s Joining Anti-ISIL Coalition US: To Arm Terrorists in Syria, Too Many Shiite Soldiers in Iraqi Army 5 Suspects Detained in France over Female ’Jihadist’ Recruitment Syrian Army Strikes ISIL Gunmen around Country, Restores Areas in Hasaka Final Nuclear Agreement Requires Hard Decisions: Iran Aoun: Arsal Was Supply Base for Terrorists before Hezbollah’s Syria Involvement Extremist Group Claims Sinai Bomb Attack US: Iran’s Current Uranium Enrichment Should Be “Acceptable” Argentina Summons US Diplomat over ’Default’ Remarks
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The talk about an international coalition against terrorism in the region:
To cover up the failure of Western policies
Just media reports
As part of Western eagerness to confront terrorism
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