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Oil Prices Rise Awaiting OPEC Gathering Russian Warplanes Flew over Golan: ’Israel’ Wary of Possible Clashes Abadi: Iraq Has Sufficient Forces to Fight ISIL China Jails 14 over 2013 Pipeline Blast Turkey Says Won’t Apologize for Downing Jet as Putin Snubs Erdogan Meet World Leaders Kick off Climate-Rescue Summit in Paris Pope from C. Africa: Christians, Muslims Are ’Brothers’ 2 Israelis Convicted of 2014 Burning of Palestinian Teen Alive Turkey Hands over Corpse of Shot down Pilot to Russia: Reports S. Korea Ratifies Free Trade Deal with China Velayati: Russia-Turkey Tension ‘Unfavorable’ Maj. Gen. Ibrahim: Servicemen Swap Deal Ongoing despite Blackmail Policy Germany to Dispatch 1200 Troops to Fight ISIL in Syria Leader to Western Youth: Build Basis for Correct Interaction with Muslim World Assad Meets Velayati: Striking Terrorism is the Basis of Stability
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Terrorist attacks in France are the result of:
International support for terrorism in Syria
Failure to find a political solution in Syria
The terrorist attacks in Burj el-Barajneh:
An attempt to divert attention away from the losses in Syria
A terrorist crime not linked to a specific timing
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