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Iran’s DM: Missile Range Increased to Face Possible Threats Israeli Troops Detain 2 Palestinians near Gaza Border Bomb Explodes in Bani Jamra Village in Bahrain Obama Warns N. Korea over Sony Back Five Killed in US Drone Strike in Northwest Pakistan Israeli Planes Strike Gaza after Rocket Landed in Occupied Open Field Gunmen Suffer Heavy Losses As Syrian Army Tightens Noose Several Injured as Israeli Forces Disperses West Bank Protest Kuwait Court Jails 3 ISIL Supporters Al-Qaeda Bomb Attack in Yemen Claims 3 Soldiers Pakistan Strikes Terrorist Groups Back after School Massacre, Kills 50 Wikileaks Releases Secret CIA Review on ’High-Value Targeting’ Rocket Fired from Gaza Hits South of Occupied Pal. Territories 8 Children Found Dead at Home in Northern Australian City Iraqi Kurds: Siege of Mount Sinjar Broken, Yazidis Ordeal Ended
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