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ISIL Committing "Systematic Ethnic Cleansing" in Iraq: Amnesty Ban Warns West: “No Military Solution” for Ukraine Crisis Israeli Unit Maneuvers in Occupied Golan, Levels Land in Shabaa Farms Hezbollah: Israeli Project in WB Judaization, Only Resistance Can Deter It Maliki Vows Iraq Will Be ’Graveyard’ for ISIL Germany to Send Military Equipment to Iraq’s Kurds Afghan Talks for Unity Government Collapse As Crisis Deepens Japan, India Vow to Boost defense Ties during Summit Clashes Resume in Pakistani Capital, Police Firing Teargas Iraqi Forces Retake Sulaiman Bek after Breaking Siege of Amerli HRW: ISIL Using Cluster Bombs Iran DM: Zionist Entity Not to Win Any More War Libya Militias Seize Tripoli Gov’t Offices Putin: Kiev Army “Directly Targeting Civilians, Europe Ignoring That Zarif in Brussels for Nuclear Talks with Ashton
Move right Stop Move left
11:18 | 2014/06/08World Latest
15:54Arrests as soldiers, police deploy to curb Thai anti-coup flashmobs
12:22Rescuers battle to aid Afghan flood victims as toll hits 74
12:21Freed Taliban militants say committed to Qatar deal
11:19Sisi sworn in as Egypt's president
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