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US Targets Russia and China with North Korea Pretext: Report At Least 49 Dead in Mexico Prison Battle Two UN Soldiers Killed in Mali Attack Munich Meeting Agrees on "Cessation of Hostilities" in Syria within Week Attack by Qaeda Terrorists Kills 5 Police in Yemen’s Aden UN Rejects Saudi Request to Move Aid Workers in Yemen CIA Director Says ISIL Capable of Making, Using Chemical Weapons Three Dead in Venezuela after Contracting Zika Yemeni Army Controls more Fronts in Marib,Inflict Saudi Mercenaries Major Losses Syrian Army Pounds Terrorists’ Fortifications in Daraa, Sweida Russia Accuses US War Planes of Bombing Syria’s Aleppo Turkey Ends Two-Month anti-PKK Military Operation in Kurdish Town Abadi: Kurdistan "Part of Iraq" and Should Remain So Israeli, Turkish Officials Begin New Talks on Normalization Zarif Says Childish Policy on Syria Backfires against Saudis
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Saudi Arabia
12:20Authorities ban Sheikh Hussein Al-Radi from performing Friday prayers inside the mosque
12:18Security forces shut down Rasoul Al-A'tham Mosque in Omran city prior to Friday prayers
12:04Army controls quarries and concrete factories in Tamoura town, kills 16 terrorists amid heavy artillery shelling at the terrorists' strongholds
12:03Army advances to the south-eastern of liberated Zahraa town in rural Aleppo
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